VaBe Baltic

Who we are

VaBe Baltic Ltd is established in 1997 and we are a traditional carpenter's workshop. Over 1000m2 production facilities operating in Estonia Padise (about 60 km south-west of Tallinn). Thanks to our own paint shop, we can offer all products completely ready, finished with all the colors your desire. Currently there are around 5 woodwork specialists working with us.

Our business is divided into two sections: custom products and concrete element molds.

Ready-made products are different types of play houses, children's play areas, furniture, bird houses, as well as lumberjac's candles.

We supply these products to Finland, Sweden, Estonia, Germany and France.

When it comes to custom work, we can do almost anything, such as a carpenter shop should be. The most common custom products are different types of windows, doors and stairs.

VaBe Baltic Ltd is owned by the Finnish VaBe Group. Our sales staff speaks good English and will be happy to serve you in relation to our products. We are ready to help you with any imaginative ideas when it comes to wood.